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Spiral Duct Suppliers

Spiral ducts are a popular and highly effective HVAC solution. Across the board, spiral products can be less expensive, aesthetically pleasing, and easier to maintain. Should your project have the requirements for these structures, MEGA HVAC is Australia’s leading spiral duct suppliers.

Our state-of-the-art ductwork has been used on a variety of major Melbourne infrastructure projects, including the ducting for schools, universities, and hospitals. For more information, please reach out to our responsive customer service team today.

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Whether you need an individual replacement or a whole project of sheetmetal spiral duct, MEGA HVAC can satisfy any order – quality guaranteed. We offer quick lead times and reliable customer service.

Alongside our spiral duct, you can also find a full range of loose parts and accessories to cover installation, maintenance and repair.

Why Invest in a Spiral Sheetmetal Duct?

A spiral duct arrangement is both inexpensive and versatile. This form of ductwork not only ensures less air leakage, but can also be installed in residential, commercial and industrial settings.

To learn more about the countless benefits, connect with your local spiral duct suppliers now!

Speak to Spiral Duct Suppliers Today

MEGA HVAC works hand-in-hand with Australian contractors to ensure that all projects receive the highest quality ductwork. In addition, we also design and manufacture custom spiral sheetmetal duct supplies in-house.

If you are unsure as to whether the spiral, oval or rectangular style best suits the project at hand, simply call (03) 9015 8617 and speak to an expert.

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