About Us

Based in Melbourne, our focus is on the extensive fabrication of ductwork and supply of ancillary HVAC products to suit the unique requirements of commercial and industrial construction within Australia.

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Why our clients choose us

Send in your custom drawings for us to manufacture according to your specifications. Our design team will ensure that all design work is as it should be when your products are released. We custom-make ductwork, steel sheets, loose parts and more, for all our customers who require them upon request.

Mega HVAC is committed to the highest quality and standard in the engineering and manufacturing industry, and that is what distinguishes the Mega HVAC brand today. We take a proactive approach to quality, ensuring each unit is checked individually before they are shipped.

As one of Australia’s leading suppliers in ductwork for the HVAC industry, Mega HVAC combines quality products and outstanding service with innovation and technological advances to deliver high-performance heating and cooling products nationwide.

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