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HVAC Filters

Based in Melbourne, MEGA HVAC are a leading supplier of filters for Australian HVAC systems. Our filters and products have been used on major projects for schools, hospitals and universities. If you need replacement HVAC filters or brand new custom parts, we can tailor the perfect solution.

MEGA HVAC proudly work with any local installers and facilities that require filters, air grilles or diffusers. Please feel free to contact us today to see how we can help you with any filter related enquiries or concerns.

Order HVAC Filters Online

After high-quality HVAC filters in Australia? MEGA HVAC supply a first-class collection right here online. We offer a firm product guarantee for all items featured on our website.

Regardless of the item, our dedicated staff work hard to ensure that all orders are dispatched within the first 48 hours. In addition, MEGA HVAC can also customise filters to meet the specific needs of your ducted system.

Why Invest in V Form Filters?

The V-Form filter is a fixed panel dry arrestance unit that is suitable for use in most air-conditioning and ventilation systems. The V-bends maximise surface area for filtering the air you breathe. Common applications include packaged air conditioners for office and light industrial environments.

One of the benefits of ordering through MEGA HVAC is customisation. We partner with installers and facilities to produce one-of-a-kind V-Form filters at specific dimensions. Simply reach out to our team now to get started.

Order High-Quality V Form Filters Online

HVAC filters come in various forms, dimensions and styles. If your system is well suited to V form filters, MEGA HVAC supply premium quality options with fast delivery guaranteed on all orders. If you are unsure as to whether a V form filter is suitable, you can always reach out to our experienced team for guidance.

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